Friday, August 1, 2008

Following Flyers Lead, Phillies To Play Game At Former Vet Stadium Site

Earlier this week it was reported the Philadelphia Flyers would play a preseason game in the Spectrum as a final goodbye to the building they called home for 29 years. Not to be outdone the Philadelphia Philles have announced plans to play a game at the former site of Veterans Stadium which is now a parking lot.

Comcast-Spectacor plans to demolish the Spectrum sometime in 2009 to make room for Philly Live!, a retail, dining and entertainment district but will host one final NHL game on September 27 when the Flyers take on the Carolina Hurricanes. When John Brazer, publicity director for the Phillies, heard of the Flyers plan, he quickly made arraingments for the Phillies to do something similar.

"People had mixed feelings about the Vet at the time of the demolition, but sentiment has changed now that we're four years removed," said Brazer. "So, I think people would like to see us play a game at the Vet again."

The problem with Brazer's plan is the Vet was demolished in 2004 and the site is now home to a parking lot for the South Philadelphia stadium complex. Brazer says he's unphased by the lack of a stadium or even a playing surface.

"If you were ever on the turf at the Vet then you know it was pretty much the same as playing on concrete, so it's not going to be an issue," Brazer said.

The news of the return to the former site of the Vet was news to most Phillies players last night after they wrapped up a 3-game sweep of the Washington Nationals. Shortstop Jimmy Rollins was not excited about the idea.

"Playing in the parking lot? That's some bullshit right there," said Rollins.

But centerfielder Shane Victorino says he's ready to take on any opponent on the concrete.

"Oh, no questions asked," he said. "We'll kick some asphalt! Ha! Get it? Ass ... phalt. Genius!"


Anonymous said...

it's gonna really hurt when they slide into second base.

Anonymous said...


My thoughts exactly. Time to break out the Kevlar jocks.

Good site over here, boys. Be a shame if anything was to... "happen" to it.

/here comes the shakedown
//i fear competition

Scooter Delano Murphy said...

@ Chamomiles Davis: Do we have to pay some sort of "blogger mob tax" or something?

Anonymous said...

chamomiles tea is my 2nd favorite type.. right after cubby wubby womb room tea.