Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily News Dredging The Bottom Of The Barrell For Philly's Sexy Singles

The Philadelphia Daily News began their annual Sexy Singles search, but after years of searching they seem to be coming up short in their nominations for the region's most attractive and eligible singles.

Daily News section editor Karyn Peters says the city's reputation for having some of the most unattractive people in the country has finally caught up with the paper.

"We've been doing this for a couple of years now and it just seems like it gets harder and harder to find sexy singles because, well to be honest the people here are pretty fugly," said Peters.

Peters is not the only one saying the city is suffering from a hottie shortage, last year a Travel + Leisure poll found Philadelphia was home to the least attractive people in the country. Combine that with the city's former standing as the fattest city in the nation and it doesn't leave many "sexy" singles to choose from.

"I say good luck to the Daily News because I'm thinking about importing people from other cities for my clients," said Phyllis Seinfeld, owner of Phind Phorever inPhatuation a Philadelphia-based matchmaking firm. "Go outside right now and find someone who's attractive and single in this city, I dare you."

To combat the problem, Peters said the Daily News decided to lower the bar a bit for this year's competition, even opening it up to people currently in relationships.

"I guess you can say 'single' is a relative term especially when it comes to this," said Peters. "But we told people, 'if your significant other sees you in our paper don't come blaming us.'"

But some see the shortage of attractive people as a boon to them. New sexy single nominee and current Phunyun entertainment reporter Rico Savage said he thinks his nomination will finally get him some attention from the opposite sex.

"I think a lot of women see me and they're either intimidated or they think a hot guy like me must have a chick already or something," said Savage. "So this basically is just an advertisement that says, "Yo! I'm single, let's rock!"

The Daily News' list of "sexy" "singles" will continue all this week.

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