Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McNabb Allergic to Racism

Today at training camp in Lehigh, Philadelphia Quarterback leader Donovan McNabb was motor carted off the football playing area after having an allergic reaction to racism. McNabb, now in his tenth year, lead the half of the team that scores offense onto the field and started a football drive. After receiving the snap from center, the number five went back to make a football pass to his wide receiver, R. Brown. The ball went right through the arm hands of Brown, and immediately the crowd began to "boo." Shortly thereafter, McNabb began to have his allergic reaction.

Team doctors say symptoms included dry heaving, retching, with eventual vomiting and the inability to complete a short football pass. Head coach Andy Reid addressed the media shortly after practice and said, "We had to take Donovan out there... just as a precaution there. We'll re-examine him tomorrow. The time is yours."

Tight-ends: Highlights of the day's activities included one particular football play where a player grabbed the ball and began to speed run down the white line on the side of the field. He was tackle hit by another player and made a fumble....Also, the players' uniforms are clean, fit well and look very good....The Eagles start the pre-season season on Aug. 9th in Pittsburgh.

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