Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Larry Mendte Might Know Your MySpace Password

Authorities are asking all those with MySpace/Facebook or e-mail accounts to change their passwords in the aftermath of the recent Larry Mednte scandal. If evidence is to be believed, the former CBS3 newscaster accessed his fellow co-anchor Alycia Lane's Yahoo e-mail account 537 times over the span of 146 days. Using a small keystroke-logging device and his ninja like skill, Mendte easily obtained Lane's password and began his personal investigation, perhaps in search of those Rich Eisen bikini shots.

Social networking website users who have recently logged into their accounts only to hear that they've un-knowningly sent fellow users messages about "free ring tones" or "hott web graphix" should contact authorities immediately. Their password has more than likely been "mend-teed" and can no longer be trusted.

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