Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rittenhouse Square to become Circle

Preliminary plans began today at City Hall under the watchful eye of Mayor Nutter. His mission is to completely redesign the section of the city known as Rittenhouse Square. The city landmark was known as the southwest square until 1825 when it was named for the astronomer-clockmaker, David Rittenhouse. He's dead now, and various city officials feel that the popular area could use a much needed face lift.

"For years, this particular area has brought together all types of people from all walks of life, but at the same time has forced them to decide which of the four sides of the square they wished to occupy," states Nutter. The mayor went on to say that patrons of the former Square can eventually "meet their people in the middle." When asked what he would place at the center of the newly formed Rittenhouse Circle upon the completion of construction, Mayor Nutter responded, "something creamy."

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