Monday, July 21, 2008

Sports Radio Caller Hired As Eagles GM

In a move that will likely send shockwaves through the National Football League, Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner announced the hiring of Vincent "Vinny" Salvadori today as the team's new general manager after hearing the trade ideas he had as a caller on a local sports radio station last week.

"We like to think a little outside the box," said Banner, speaking from the team's training camp at Lehigh University. "Vinny just has some very bold and interesting ideas that we think will take us to the next level."

Last Wednesday Salvadori, a lifelong South Philadelphia resident, called into the midday show on 610 WIP with hosts Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow, to suggest a trade of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb for fellow quarterback Brett Favre. Favre announced his retirement at the end of last season but is looking to return to football and is asking the Green Bay Packers to release or trade him.

"Look, I'm just saying you know what Favre can do and he's like awesome, he's like a warrior" said Salvadori. "Plus, McNabb's a bum and we're not going to win anything with him. I've been saying that since we drafted him in '99"

Salvadori, who says his most recent career was "doing side jobs," has no front office experience and didn't play football past a pop warner team at age 12. But Salvadori says he thinks these are benefits for him.

"I'm not stuck on all this [stuff] like the other GMs, like salary caps and whatever. Who cares, let's just get the deals done," Salvadori said.

The hiring of Salvadori means Andy Reid will step down from his post as general manager but will stay on for his tenth season as the team's head coach. It is a move Reid says he welcomes.

"It's tough doing both jobs, plus my kids are clearly losing their minds, so I think this is good for everyone," said Reid.

During the first week of training camp Salvadori says he expects to make his dream trade come true by offering the Packers the 31-year-old McNabb for Favre, who will turn 39 this October.

"We need some better wide receivers here too so I might see if they want to throw in [Donald] Driver," said Salvadori.

McNabb, who is training for the upcoming season in Arizona was unavailable for comment at press time.

The unprecedented move of hiring someone with no football experience is long overdue according to Salvadori who has plans for all Philadelphia sports teams.

"I've been saying for years that if I was running the teams we'd have a championship by now," said Salvadori. "We'd have Kobe [Bryant] on the Sixers, ARod on the Phils and I dunno, whoever is the best hockey player on the Flyers. It would be effing sweet."

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